Monday, December 10, 2007

Felt like Office Space today at work

After reading Bumskee's second part to another helpful thread on, I wanted to take the plunge in starting real life fruit studies (again). Above is an Asian Pear (forgot the English name) that I stopped midway to give it a new home; so in the end I rushed in to slap some quick details and moved on.

Primary: Hard Edge Brush, Hardness: 40-70%
Secondary: Soft Edge Brush
Details: Spots Brush

Click here to view the painting process.


Spats said...

Nice work bud, I wanna see more of those!

Ken said...

it looks delicious!

Which means your painting is great!

shou' said...

Thanks, and the same goes for you too mister!

Ha. You're alive! Thanks ;)

Laila said...

cool coloring,,interesting,, Merry x mas and happy newyear to you.

Gerald said...

Wow, these are great still life collections. How close do you work on Photoshop? Do you zoom in and out alot or do you prefer working at 200% zoom? Just curious because the detail s on the stem are so realistic.

shou' said...

Thanks. My holidays were busy and somewhat merry. Haha. Hope yours went well :)

Thank you. I lay an initial sketch at 100%. Afterwards I'll begin painting from 120-135%. For details, I would zoom around 200-230%. Occasionally I would zoom around 300% if I can't apply details at 200%, but I've read that going beyond 200 is frowned upon by some painters.

Haha. I thought the stem was the only success out of this exercise. Thanks. Actually if you view my animated gif it shows that I was slowly building up the stem; and through the later stages, I was experimenting with different strokes and colors. From both my color choices and strokes I was able to wield a decent result.

Anyway it was purely an accident, sir.