Wednesday, May 16, 2007

The Mood I'm In

I've been out of town since last Friday (May 11) and returned late last night from the windy city. I managed to pack my dusty sketchbook with me, but I only ended up doing thumbnail sketches based on a combination of ideas I had while observing life in downtown. Unfortunately, I never truly had the opportunity to quietly sit down to do some real studies since I was on a tight schedule with some other people. :/

What is even worse is that I forgot that CHOW #71 ended last Sunday! Arrggh!! I had a few concept ideas drawn out in my sketchbook too. Hmm. Well even though it has ended, I'll post my interpretation of that CHOW topic a bit later.


the enigma said...

hi shou, thanks for visiting my blog and your critiques, i really appreciate that, and yes, you do make sense! :-)

btw i like version a of the post below, i like it bcoz its simple and elegant..!

shou' said...

the enigma:
Excellent! I'm glad to help in any way I can :)