Thursday, May 10, 2007

CHOW #71: Character concepts

Which version looks better? I can't decide...

Version A:

Version B:

Version C:


mike said...

thanks for visting me ol' blog shou. there's some really nice stuff on here!

as for this post, i like the first one. :)

Alina Chau said...

Love the style, my favourite is the very top version!!

jeijei said...

I'm partial to the top myself, but i do like the beaded hair concept :]

Vhrsti said...

I like girls wearing glasses but this girl looks better without specs. I vote for B.

cdeboda said...

Top one (A). Clean and simple. Less is more in this case, i think.

shou' said...

My pleasure and thanks for stopping by this lil' love shack~

Thanks. I'll begin tallying the votes :)

Thank you! Hurray to experimentation.

Woo. It is the funktastic hair guy! ;) Thanks man.

I agree. There is something about a lady gently placing a pair bifocales on her face... Yum.

Thanks for dropping in~

Ahh. You bring up an excellent point. It was my original intention to keep it simple, but when I was examining it I thought the absence of something dynamic from the hair was missing so I began to steer into different versions.

Thanks for your input.