Wednesday, March 25, 2009

The Egg

Click here to view my painting process.

This concept was for Imagine FX's (MYFX) challenge #115: The Egg.


Kenneth said...

Hey dude! haha great image... I wont ask why he has an egg for a head :)

Postcards - yeh there is a black and whitish version of the front on the back and also normal postcard stuff lol

wow cool degrees man, Im sure the business one would come in real handy and the Fine art one also! Ive been thinking of going back to uni myself...

Anyway, hope youre good dude!

Alexei Martins said...

Cute!!!Really awesome!!!love the colors and characters!!!


Gerald said...

Hey - just in time for the Easter egg hunt! Really fun illustration and colors.

Alexiev said...

Jajaja... great... I love this work...

Best wishes from Buenos Aires...
Alexiev Store

SP said...

Nice colors dude. Really like the narrative in the piece too!

shou' said...

Nice to hear from you. Thanks! Ah, really? Interesting. Hah. Not as much as you might imagine. They're useless pieces of paper written in Latin. However in times in this economic downturn, an education is one item that will always remain constant. If you do best of luck to you!

Alexei Martins:
Hey, thanks!

Haha. It didn't occur about the holiday until after I finished this. Great job pointing that out. Thanks.

Hello. Thanks! Glad like you like it.

Thanks man. Glad like you like it as well.