Friday, January 09, 2009

S3: Monotone Study #3

Photo reference was used.

Click here to view my painting process.

In other news:
The wonderful artist, Gerald, has tagged me. And following the general scheme of being tagged, I'm supposedly to list seven other artists and seven facts about myself.

Well, I'm going to modify this rule and cheat a bit; Instead of linking to seven other artists, you can click here and here to visit a number of better artists around the globe.

So a few facts about myself are as follows:
1. I like skim milk.
2. I also like soy milk.
3. I have black hair.
4. I use horse shampoo.
5. The tablet that I've been using is Wacom's Graphire3 4x5".
6. I'm considering of owning a pet in the future.
7. I've acquired two degrees in conspicuously different subjects.


Ken said...

this looks great dude, you just get better and better!

oh, for my last post I was using the free select tool mainly to draw shapes. Yeh it does kinda look vectorish!

Hey, what two degrees do you have?

pablo pablo said...

Very nice!

Jinny Liang said...

Thank you for the comment in my blog! Your digital paintings are really lovely, and I can see alot of improvement from your earlier posts to your most recent ones. Kudos! All the best :)!!

shou' said...

Thanks! Ah, really? Interesting. I have to try that out next time. Haha.

Check your blog for your answer ;)

pablo pablo:

Jinny Liang:
My pleasure! Haha. Really? Thank you.

I look forward to whenever you update your blog :)