Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Kamen Rider 1!

Click here to view my painting process.

A while back fellow blogger Alexei Martins requested an illustration of any Kamen Rider. There were many that had crossed my mind, but my final selection had to be the first Masked Rider!

Yesterday, I've overcooked (3 minutes and 45 seconds instead of the suggested 5 minute cooking time) a bag of popcorn. It ended up staining my barely year old microwave, smoking up my entire place, and has now permanently (or thus far anyhow) left a terrible odor inside my microwave. Never again will I cook popcorn in my microwave. Instead, I'll use a neighbor or a friend's.


Alexei Martins said...

WOW!!!!!Oh my!!!!
I loved!!ohhhh!the first 仮面ライダー!
I'm sketching up some Kamen Rider stuff here...but I'm not really satisfied.
so I'm sorry the piece it's not 100% yet!hehe but, I promise that I'm working on it!!
I think I'll draw the 仮面ライダ - BLACK RX one!!!

Gerald said...

Man, that sounds like soooo much fun! So are you guys exchanging illustrations? You got room for one more? Hahhahah. The leather outfit is extremely photorealistic.

Abby said...

I'm always impressed by how clean your color turns out--especially around the edges! Great job on rendering the leather.

Sorry to hear about the microwave! Popcorn can be a finicky food.

shou' said...

Alexei Martins:
Hah. Thanks! Glad you like it. Don't sweat it. Take your time and let me know when you've posted your finished piece. I look forward to seeing Kamen Rider BLACK RX!

Thanks! I was concerned with the leather outfit in terms of how it would read for the viewer, but fortunately it appeared that it went smoothly. Heh. Phew.

Hmm. I guess you could say for this specific instance we were exchanging illustrations. Actually, Alexei Martins, simply asked me a month ago if I was interested in doing fan art for Kamen Rider.

I replied back saying, "sure."

And that is where we're at today. Haha. If you would like to start something or have any requests let me know :) I have one more to do then I'm free.

Thanks! Recalling back, I think a lot of the colors that were selected came from experimentation and accidents. As I was mentioning to Gerald, I was lucky enough to have the leather come out the way it did. Haha. Really? I know it is shunned, but I do use the eraser tool more often than I should (for the edges).

Indeed. Thanks!

Alexei Martins said...

I finished!!!Yeah!!hehe
I`ll post tomorrow OK!