Thursday, December 11, 2008

Monotone study #8

Photo reference was used.

Click here to view my painting process.

Testing out a new technique (in which I've failed to capture).

Edit: This will be my final piece for series #2. Will start a new one to continue studying this technique.


carguin said...

Hey again. I don't know what I'm focused on. I just love matte paintings. Haha. Personally I like drawing and painting people more but so far I just try to do what I'm compelled to at the moment.

Great piece. Looks like you have a thing going for the human face too! You should do one of Enya. I would love to see that :)

still2kewl said...

These are looking good, keep it up!

Gerald said...

Oh wow, what really looks great. There a great deal of hair texture and such a softness to the overall portrait. It's a lighter side your awesome heavy contrast portraits. Did you create a hair brush? I've been playing with a canvas brush in PS, but it's difficult to use. I'm still adjusting.

Alexei Martins said...

Love that one!!!amazing expression!!!very soft!!

shou' said...

Heh. I understand. Stick with what you enjoy the most!

Thanks! Do I? Haha. Hmm. I don't know if I could top your Enya, but I'll definitely put it on my list to do. :)

Thanks! Will do.

Thanks! Glad you noticed. I am indeed trying to go for a much, much more softer tone.

I didn't create a brush, but downloaded a small brush pack from one of the artists on the CA forums. I don't have the link, but if I can find it again, I'll let you know. Or I can probably just upload this single brush to somewhere for you (that is if you're interested). Speaking with that in mind, I've additionally first experimented with this brush with this study:

Yes. I'm very much a novice myself with Photoshop. The only wisdom I can currently lend towards this subject is to just continue to practice (which I'm sure you'll be able to pick up in no time).

Alexei Martins:
Thanks! Haha. I'll share a secret with you (and well everyone else): In my reference, she was actually smoking and had a cigarette between her lips. I was too lazy to render it. Haha.