Tuesday, November 18, 2008

The Dark Knight

Speed painting + an extra hour or so.


Abby said...

Great work on establishing volume--I especially like the details on the cape and cowl!

Also: I'm currently working with a variety of Drosophila (nerd talk~) hybrids to find any patterns in pigmentation. My souvenir vial is filled with D. mauritiana, though. :)

Gerald said...

Wow, you're getting even faster!!! Batman's pose and expression is so cool.

Lennart Verhoeff said...

Hey, thanks for leaving a comment :) I like the Street Fighter stuff, SF for life :D

shou' said...

Thanks! Oh wow. Aren't Drosophila's part of the small family fruit flies? They must microscopic. Haha. Patience, control, and not having stubby fingers must be a prerequisite before touching them (for which I probably failed all of the above). Heh. Cool! Just add or start a wonderful collection of them ;)

Faster and uglier! Heh. Thanks!

lennart verhoeff:
My pleasure! Yup.