Saturday, May 17, 2008

Heading out of the country

Primary Brush: Hard Edge Brush, Hardness 100%, Opacity 100%

Photo references were used.

Click here to view my painting process.

It has been quite some time since I've last posted. Regretfully, I've been knee deep in all sorts of activities and as a result of my 'intensive labor' I've finally graduated. Hurray~ A couple more of special quality pieces of paper in Latin.

The image above was another Jason Chan mini series study. I started it a few weeks ago, but only had little free time to spare; so this was an on-going piece that came together during some quick sessions. Unfortunately, I ran out of time in fully completing it. The main reason: I'm leaving the country with my newly acquired golden Nintendo DS Lite in one hand and a golden stylus in the other.


Joern said...

That's unbelievable. Real great. Nearly photorealistic but much better than reality. More of this please!
(And you worked as business analyst?)

Spats said...

Love the little gif, great work as usual!

Gerald said...

Wow! Once again, your details are amazing. So darn realistic. Thank you for sharing your process - it's always fun to see it come to life.

bog_art said...

They way you blend the image is awesome man!.. are you studying with Jason Chan?.. keep it up!..

PS: To do all the composition was a three weeks job and it took me from 4 hours to 2 days each animal.. it deppends of the texture and the skin of the animal.. cheers!..

Ken said...

superb rendering mate! You going travelling or...?

a said...

Thanks! I have in the past and trying to again in the future.

Yup. No problem. Thanks.

Thanks and it is always a pleasure to share my WIPs if I am able to do so.

Thank you. Unfortunately not, but even it was the case I have a long ways to go.

Ah cool. Must of cramped your hand from time to time. Haha. Nice work on it.

Thanks man. Oh it was mostly for vacation and partial business.

shou' said...

Haha. Whoops. I replied signed on as a different user.