Sunday, March 23, 2008

Black Forest Cake is yummy

Primary Brush: Hard Edge Brush, Hardness 100%, Opacity 100%

Photo references were used.

Click here to view my painting process. (Note: My Photoshop crashed when I was creating the GIF; therefore the link above is the shortened version. My apologies.)

Here is my first study in this series -- Inspired by Jason Chan's magical craft of blending, I am aspiring to first obtain that level.


Joern said...

Woow, thought it was a foto first. Great job.

GhettoFab said...

great study!! How long did it take to make?

Ken said...

dude! I too thought this was a photo when i saw the thumbnail. Well done!

bog_art said...

Jason Chan is a monster!!.. his work is one of the best things I ever seen in my life.. I think you did a great job in her face and her body, but I feel you didn't put the same effort in her legs.. and well.. I am always looking for critiques.. I think it is the real way to learn.. You are right about your suggestion.. shadows are a topic I can't deal with yet.. but I will take that in mind for sure.. :)

Spats said...

Great work, very photo-esque!

shou' said...

Cool. Thank you~

Thanks! A few sessions spread throughout a couple of days. Since this is my first study in this series it took me longer than usual.

Haha. Thanks man~

Indeed. It is unfortunate that his site hasn't been updated in a while.

Thanks for the feedback. I agree the legs are lacking quite a bit (towards the end I was feeling lazy and the legs was second to last to finish).

Great to hear. Keep on working.

Thanks you booger ;) I don't see you on Sketcher.

Gerald said...

OMG....stunning rendering!

Gerald said...

No way! That trailer looks awesome. Bravo!!!!