Sunday, February 24, 2008

My computer violently crashed and then decided to die

A speed painting completed for the third round of The Art Crusade.

Primary Brush: Hard Edge Brush, Hardness 100%, Opacity 100%
Custom Brushes: m@'s brush set & Goro's brush set

My regular routine of waking up this morning was interrupted when I uncovered a tremendously tragic fact: one of my (un)cherished and life-long companions, my craptastic computer met it's bitter end. And with such partial heartache and grief my eagerness was growing in anticipation to recover my lost files on my hard drive. Unfortunately, my hard drive is stuck trying to process one driver (mup.sys) after successfully passing the bio's screen. Thus by being stuck processing that specific driver it automatically reboots and tortures me in a psychotic loop of madness -- almost to the point of breaking a man down to a near-mid-crisis. Almost.

So I must apologize for not having a GIF this time around nor even having a high resolution of my final image posted above. I was fortunate enough to save my final image to a separate hosting service since this piece is part of a forum challenge. However the service changes the format of any image and resizes it to around 800 x 600.


bog_art said...

Wow man.. that sucks!!.. I really sorry.. I can imagine how you were feeling.. at least you could save this imagine to post..

Spats said...

You poor devil. Good luck with it!

shou' said...

Thanks gentlemen. After a period of a couple of weeks, I was fortunate enough to have things finally working as intended.