Sunday, January 27, 2008

Wind + Scarf = Instant Movie Star quality poses

I have not completely deviated away my fruit studies; however on a breezy Saturday morning I came across the discovery of the week: serhc (a.k.a. Loopy) entered into The Art Crusade challenge on Initially I was hesitant to rush into the fray of a challenge at my current level, but I couldn't let Loopy's post go without a fight. And since he has joined the light side by default I'll side with dark. Thus the image above was smothered together over the weekend to meet the fast approaching deadline.

Primary: Hard Edge Brush, 80-100% Hardness
Details: Cob-web Brush, Fish Brush, Leaf Brush #1, Tree branch Brush #1, and Tree branch Brush #2.

Click here to view my painting process.

Side-note: Oh, so who is this serhc? Well,I call him by his other alias known as Loopy which I recently became acquainted with from being a distant visitor in Sketcher. I encourage anyone to try it.

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