Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Won a $10 Gift Certificate to Panera

In the middle of painting this, I've come to realize that I've single-handedly been using a soft edge brush instead of a hard edge brush. And here I thought, "Oh hey, this is miraculous! I can finally blend in Photoshop after being in hiatus for 2 years!"

What. A. Sham. I wasn't even close to properly blending the way I intended.

Anyway this is another painting completed in Photoshop. A photo reference was used. I've also come to realize that my paintings are somehow converted to an extreme darker shade than what I work with in Photoshop. So this time around I messed with the contrast levels in the final product to at least resemble what I've been fiddling with in my spare time.

Click here to view my painting process.


ValGalArt said...

It is beautiful and shows a softness that appeals to me! You are so talented at portraits!Pie sounds pretty good about now! I appreciate your comment, the logo of the product goes into the sky space and the garden holds all the varietals that are used in the product.

Ale said...

cool! :)
and thanks for watching my board on the blog, i appreciate your comment!
keep up!!

arzu said...

Nicely done ,keep going

Kei Phillips said...

thanks 4 stopping by, nice work

Ken said...

nice painting dude, and thanks for sharing the process!

So are u saying U have discovered hard edge brushes or..?

I prefer hard edge... U get a more painted feel with them!

bog_art said...

Wow!!.. you have a really good art here!!.. You know how to use the photoshop.. congratulations for your blog!!..

viola said...


naomiful said...

:x eep very nice, long way since back in the sketcher dayz haha ~

is sketcher still around? o.o;;

nievas19 said...

Ey It´s a beautiful digital work!
You´re so talented with the photoshop.
Is a pleasure to visit your blog.

shou' said...

Thanks everyone! :)

Thank you. I must digress: I am nowhere near the compliments you've bestowed on me. Pie sounds good at any time of the day ;)

My pleasure and will do. Thanks for stopping by here.

Thanks. I've actually started picking up that habit of creating animated GIF's after seeing yours and IdiotApathy's (Thomas Scholes) works. Haha.

Sorry for the confusion. All of my pieces to date that is posted on this blog for Photoshop have been done strictly with a Soft Edge Brush. There is one exception which is for this piece -- I used a hair brush for the beard.

Honestly, I need to get into using the Hard Edge Brush. I agree. I am all about the painterly approach :D

bog art:
Thanks, but I am just an amatuer with Photoshop :)

Haha. Thanks ;)

Actually Sketcher is indeed around. Unfortunately the regulars have come and gone. :/

It'd be wonderful to see you on there again.

Thank you. I'm just a lucky amatuer with Photoshop. Nothing more :)

martin wittig said...

Nice Work!:)

Tim Bye said...

Wow - impressive stuff!

Heather said...

love the sensitivity to the piece. wonderfully crafted. :O)

Gerald said...

He looks like he's under water. This painting is amazing. I thought it was a photo for a second?! Good job, you fooled me :D