Monday, September 10, 2007

so tired...

Portrait completed in Photoshop. A low resolution (biggest mistake) photo reference was used.

If you're interested in my ghastly approach for this painting click here to see an animated gif.


Tom Scholes said...

Bet you learned a ton from this man, I know I usually do from studies such as this.

Looking at your GIF, it seems you're using manual opacity? I've never understood why it exists really - try setting your brush up with opacity and flow to pen pressure on your tablet, you should get a much more natural feel and look, not to mention it's so much more efficient as you can blend intuitively. (for finer blending you can tweak manual flow).


shou' said...

Idiot Apathy/Tom Scholes:
Thanks for the best advice I've received for Photoshop since I read Bumskee's 'PS Thread'. Now I understand how others could blend between light and darks without constantly changing the opacity. ^^;