Sunday, September 23, 2007


More black & white studies! Portrait completed in Photoshop. A photo reference was used.

Check out my work process here.


ValGalArt said...

WOW! Incredible portraits and very cool the way you show the process! You are so talented! great work!!!

belula said...

This is great!

enigma said...

very cool! great lighting.

marcobucci said...

nice one!

naomiful said...

hey shou nice renderings lately, this all in some kinda paintchat? lol i didnt read. anywho next time which really should be first step is working on the anatomy ;)

gl and hope you are doing well

Tim Bye said...

Fabulous work - I really like this

Guillermo P. Mogorrón said...

I like this one more than the others,
I liked a bit more the first pencils that are shown in the gif animation.
So show to the world some sketchy art too, and thanks for coming to my blog.

Alina Chau said...

Love the dreamy style!

natascha said...

I find it so difficult to draw like that. Incredible!!


Thanks for your comments.
Your gallery is quite amazing too!

best regards

Nigel Li said...

Thanks for drpping a line on my blog. You have some very nice rendering skills. I think it is missing a little construction on the bottom, since the perspective of the features are off a little on the previous posts. When that happens with me, I simply lasso select the area, move it, then patch it up. Keep up the good work.



Tom Scholes said...

Getting better and better. You might try flipping your canvas horizontally every now and then, helps you see errors in accuracy better at times. You don't have to be quite as literal with hair either, you can block it in just the same as everything else. It may help to squint at your reference and paint just the big shapes you see.


viola said...

Thank you for your comment..
Nice work!

shou' said...

Thanks everyone for the wonderful comments! It was a joy to stop your blogs and if I restrain on my procrastination, I'll continue to visit.

Thank you, but I am far from anything that is associated with the term talent. :)

Long time no see :) This was completed in Photoshop. I stopped working in those paint chat applets/applications.

Yes I definitely need more studying on the anatomy. I need to see if anywhere would offer night classes or group studies.

guillermo p. mogorrón:
Thanks. Normally I enjoy keeping loose lines, but sometimes I am another victim of getting lost in the details. In either case the point of these portrait studies is to learn how to render properly in Photoshop.

Eventually I would like to experiment what I've done on traditional media to digital by keeping my movements loose, but closely resembling the shape and form of the object that is being drawn.

Thanks. Have faith in yourself. I stink at drawing, so we're even :)

nigel li:
Thanks. Haha. You got me. I left the bottom unfinished. I accidentally painted over a part of the shoulder and the arms. I was too lazy to fix and finish it.

The lasso tool is a great idea that I didn't consider. Thanks for the suggestion!

tom scholes:
Thanks -- Another good suggestion, I'll try out with future pieces.

I don't know how it came about, but apparently I've suddenly turned into an OCD monster (no offense to anyone) when it comes to hair. I must slowly walk away form it.

Haha squinting... I hear that advice a lot from an old painting professor. Thanks ;)