Sunday, August 05, 2007

Life is just like this Song

The past week two of my pieces have been erased when I was in the progress of completing them in Sketcher. ;_;

Fortunately, I've just finished a new one and even saved it before deletion. So all is not lost.


ValGalArt said...

I like the profile and tip of her nose. Of course you do beautiful hair too. A very interesting girl who you might want to know!
Thanks for your comment, I can't do much with the depth on my piece now but this piece has 2 layers of resin on top of it and it makes it very difficult to photograph.You can clearly see the birds in the original. It's a bit of a drag but what are you gonna do? If I had the painting I would photograph it from more angles but between you and me I did this 15 years ago and it's long gone and way before I had a digital camera. This is a 4 x 5 film trasparency scanned.

shou' said...

Thank you much~

Ahhh I see... Wait. 15 years ago? Wow. Great job on preserving such a solid shot. I appreciate you sharing the info.

I look forward to seeing more pieces though :)