Friday, July 20, 2007



ken said...

nice! what did u do this in?

Fernando Raposo said...

Thank you very much for your comment about my Superman.

shou' said...

Thanks. Everything that has been posted in this blog has been produced in Sketcher ( After saving a screenshot of my work in Sketcher, I open up Photoshop to clean, crop file size, and save it in a friendly format.

Imagine Sketcher as Photoshop Elements (except more barebones), but with the addition of containing the option to speak with other users at real time while watching their work flow process. It is a tremendous Java Applet that several have benefited from including myself.

I would strongly encourage to give it a go when you have some down time.

frenando raposo:
Anytime! It was a treat to drop by and thanks for coming over here~

Jenny Clements said...

This is lovely! I love how soft it is!

shou' said...

jenny clements:
Thanks! :)