Saturday, May 05, 2007

Meet Mr. Bear

This was inspired by Naomi for the animal idea and Alina for the donuts.


IdiotApathy said...

Aww cute. I'll have the one with sprinkles.

flaviano said...

thanks for the comment! about Rahan: is not an animation. are some layout pose i have tested with C.T.P (linetest program)to watch if they works. are made with pencil :)

shou' said...

Done! Hey, I've been wrapped in my own affairs that I forgot to bookmark your blog (let alone remember how I found it). Now I have a link to get to your place :) Thanks.

My pleasure. Sorry about the mix up. I was so excited in the heat of the moment and didn't pay attention to the text you write beneath it. Great stuff in any case.

dintoons said...

very cute!! :o)

shou' said...